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Yeah,  when I saw that Diana had thrown the P15 upper into a high end stock, 
I just shook my head..  I figured that they'd use extensive advertising, and the power of their name, 
and end up selling what's pretty much just 'eye candy' for hundreds of dollars more..  
From the sounds of most of the posts I've run across,  I'm thinking that's exactly what they did..  
Some claim different by saying that their copy has a great barrel, great trigger, etc..  
Well guess what?  So does my 'regular P15'!  haha  

Anyways,  I agree..  If a company is going to offer something to the public for sale, 
especially a price much higher than the original,  they better be transparent and truthful 
when it comes to the facts..  Not just sit back and expect people to assume, spread opinions/rumors, etc..  

I've always been a customizer, designer, fabricator, and tinkerer,  so,  that's why I personally got a P15.. 
Playing around, modifying, tuning etc. just to have fun, and keep pushing the limits of the thing.. 
Lots of others pretty much do the same..  And usually know exactly what they're getting into..  

With the "Diana Version" – I also agree – People shouldn't have to do anything other than buy one, 
unbox it, shoot it, and enjoy it.  And for the price-tag,  they definitely could have upgraded the bbl and reg. 

It'll be interesting to find out more as time goes on.. 
I'll be keeping a close eye on that for sure.  *Nukes some popcorn, kicks back, and watches the show* 


Sam –