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I guarantee you that 100% of them would JACK with you in any way they could if you act like a dick, and make you wish you hadn't! Bottom line(s)-

Unless they prove undeserving at word go, I respect hell out of law enforcement and make that obvious from the get-go. Being only human, they have good and bad days, prejudices, each his own level of competence (and yes, incompetence), and respond more or less as other humans do. Big difference is they are truly empowered to reward you with a very bad day if you deserve it.

FWIW, I've found Texas game wardens and DPS officers not only very professional and fair, but actually possessing of senses of humor. That said, I've also found humor can be an excellent ice-breaker in law-enforcement encounters, having used it (more than once) to earn a walk-away from what could have been some level of incarceration(s) and/or fine(s).   


Laughing only because it's true!!

I spent 26 years on patrol.   The best way people got away without paper was if they could make me smile or laugh.  Some people were just naturals at it and others were try-hards.  Either way if they were decent and/or friendly and/or funny, chances are we both walked away happy.