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I think a higher pump flow may negate needing extra water for my at most 20 minute runs. As far as the filter I’m swapping out the little black filter for one that maybe the black one you described. It’s definitely overkill, but, the filter media will last a very long time and the air couldn’t get any drier or oil free. lol And yeah, that gold filter charges up with enough air to power a PCP decently. It’s kind of annoying with these filters that they mix 1/8 NPT and M10x1.0 fittings. 

What I was trying to say was, that a higher flow rate pump won't flow more water because the inlet and outlet size restrict the flow in and out meaning you will get higher pressure upstream from the inlet making the pump work harder but the return flow will be only marginally higher. The supplied pump has about the right flow rate for the diameter of the hoses and spigots. In my experience, after initial run in period of an hour or so, the temp. Stabilizes at 50-55C depending on the ambient temperature, with only 4-5 gallons of water. It did get as high as 65C whilst breaking in. You are learning about the different thread standards, BSPP is another you'll come across. You will also run into compatibility issues with the different Foster connectors. I now have a fairly large selection of them and can rig up just about every type of combination that I need with as few joints as possible for less chance of leaks or blown seals.