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I bought a Yong Heng look alike and the rod failed the day I got it just filling my bottle rifle. I contacted the seller and he sent me a whole top end. piston cyl rod etc.. The rod that went bad wasn't bad enough to scrap so I had it bored and I put a brass sleeve with Teflon coating. I have run it a few times for about 5-7 minutes and the temp only got up to 38C. I posted the fix. If you would like to look at the fix search this post:

 connecting rod rebuild Yong Heng look alike

a video of TVT Green. 

I stopped by this place and watched the comparison and there are no smoke and mirrors 

One thing to note I ran it in winter out in my garage and it was really cold out. Not sure if that made a big difference and I added a oil that is very slippery it is called TVT Green. 

I will be running it tomorrow for the third time. the fix only cost me a few dollars for the sleeve. I was a off the shelf sleeve and was only 3 or 4 dollars. the machining didn't cost me anything. I know a lot of people in machine shops. I need to empty the bottle and let it do a complete fill. Probably do that tomorrow.

Hope this helps a little if you run into problem.