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+Thanks for the input, gents.   I think I'm gonna have to shoot a lot more pellets through several guns before I want to lean one way or the other. At this point, the 6% -7-% difference I'm measuring seems excessive to me, but I'm pretty new to this, so… 

Scotchmo, the SD is a lot more than it ought to be, but as I'm doing all these measurements just for my own curiosity as to "what's goin' on", precision isn't going to affect me in any serious fashion.  Down the road, I may have more input after trying different airguns. 

One question you CAN definitely answer for me, though, is is there a required distance from muzzle to chono for me to get accurate results?  Caldwell says 10' – 15' or so for firearms, but I doubt this is applicable for airgunning.  I'm shooting about 18" in front of the muzzle (when I'm not checking fps @ the target).  Thanks again, and Happy St. Patrick's Day to you both as well!