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I believe that the supplied pump is quite adequate. I have a slightly larger capacity unit that I bought for a spare. So far it has not been required. The only real advantage of using a stronger pump is for its' higher lifting ability. The size of the inlet and outlet spigots limit the flow through the water jacket. IMO using ice is not necessary, like you have found, a large tub of water is enough to keep the temperature stable. I agree also, that the filter should be mounted vertically so that any moisture that condenses in the hose doesn't end up in the filter. I have also found like you, that the little supplied filter catches 90% of the contaminates. I consider the large gold filter as overkill and a waste of air. I'm now using the smaller black type one that is available from eBay or AliExpress. Fitting a check valve at the tank end has a number of advantages and is probably the best tip for improving the safety and usability of these things.