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Sorry ShinyKnight, but I have NEVER had to bleed any line on my Omega to get it to start pumping air into the tank at any time. I can stop it 10 times on a fill if I wanted to and it would start right up where it left off without ever bleeding anything.

Even Bauer recommend starting/ restarting their compressors with minimal initial load I.e. Bleeding the hose and starting with the bleed valves open. After its on close the bleed valves and open the tank valve once pressure in the line is close to that in the rank itself (the fill valve in a gun does that for you).

Bear in mind these are compressors that are a hang of a lot more robust and powerful than any airgun compressor except maybe the 220v daystate, at the absolute bottom end(the bauer utilus 10 and bauer junior are 100lpm vs the coltri/daystate T2's 80lpm).

Of course it'll start if you just hit 'on', but you're putting massive initial strain on the components including the motor which needs to get to its optimum power band, and doing it completely unnecessarily.

The omega is no different and while it may work, you won't be doing its longevity any favours.