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I would speculate that part of the reason why there weren't many .30 rifles is because that's not what the companies are pushing. Back when the FX Boss was the big thing, everyone was shooting a Boss. Then when Ted starting shooting the Impact with the redesigned .25 pellets, everyone bought and shot one of those. Now AOA is pushing the Daystate Redwolf, so everyone is buying and shooting those at EBR. 

Remember guys, EBR is a competition second, and a products advertisement first. This is not bad or wrong, but it is what it is. 


I agree to some extent as I do know of some top shooters that get free merchandise from distributors that seem to be sponsoring them but they only make up a small percentage of the participants. I think shooters will be using the tools that will give them the best results. There are competitors out there who can probably do well with a low end PCP since I believe that 90% of the results are the shooter not the gun. But shooting is like photography put a Nikon in an artists hands and you’ll see something extraordinary but the average person will only excell in mediocrity. 

Ive only been seriously involved with airguns for 3 years and in shooting out to 100 yard I haven’t noticed  30 caliber except in big bore competition.