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I have never shot a deer with an air gun but have killed a few pichup truck loads with a bow. In the earlier years I used fixed blade broadheads  with a 1 and 1/8" dia. cut. Many times I thought I missed the deer as they just looked up and continued to feed until they fell over. When I switched to mechanicals that all changed as they are 1.75" and more of a chopping action than a slice and I never shot one with a mechanical that did not run. There is one thing that concerns me with the kill on this deer. Any hunter worth his salt shoots for the exit hole. You pick a spot on the other side of the deer where you want the arrow to exit. I try to exit as low as possible while still getting two lungs. This will give me an immediate blood trail as opposed to a high double lung that may bleed internally long enough for the deer to get to cover. If you don't get pass through and couple that with a high hit he better go right down or it could be a long day especially if hunting in thick cover. I am not saying I will never hunt deer with an air rifle but it will have to have enough power to produce an exit wound.JMO