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Sorry ShinyKnight, but I have NEVER had to bleed any line on my Omega to get it to start pumping air into the tank at any time. I can stop it 10 times on a fill if I wanted to and it would start right up where it left off without ever bleeding anything.

Well I don't have a Omega. But I do have a Yong Heng and hatsan lighting. If you stopped the compressor like at 2000 psi. There is 2000 psi that the Piston have to push against to restart. Sure maybe it will start, but in time you will damage the Piston or seals. It's better to start the compressor at 0 psi and have it work it's way up. Just my advice. That's also what prymaid air recommend. So that's what I do. Taking a couple seconds to bleed to lines before a restart isn't gonna kill me but will make my compressor last longer. It's your compressor, do as you wish.