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I don't know any more about it than you do. Went to PA and checked out Tyler's video on it and 2 things stuck in my mind. It is not recommended for large tanks, it will do your fill tank on the gun but Tyler said it would void the warranty to use it on larger tanks or something that takes longer than 15 minutes to fill. The second thing was that itsy, bitsy, teeny, weenie filter on the thing. It didn't look like it would collect much water vapor and would probably be saturated after about a half hour run in a high humidity area. It looked like you might be able to hook a Diablo Air System on it after the air passes through the filter that comes with it … but I've never handled it so I don't know. One more thing that caught my attention was the fact that it says if you stop the compressor during the filling process that you have to bleed the tank before attempting to start it again (I took that to mean that the compressor did not have enough power to overcome the psi you had in the tank when you shut it down) … and then later he said something to the effect that it "might" be able to be used on a larger tank. It seemed like he was contradicting himself or possibly I didn't understand what he meant BUT he did say it would void the warranty if used on tanks that would take longer than 15 minutes to fill and that IF you had to shut the unit down during the fill process that you would have to bleed the tank down to get it to start filling again. Soooo if you run it for 15 minutes and only get say 1800 psi in your fill tank … how are you supposed to ever get to 4500 psi if you are constantly bleeding down the tank. 

It would probably work just fine for filling airguns (except for that filter) … and I think that is what it is intended for. For my own personal uses, I much prefer the tank and a strong compressor. 

The Nomad came out about 2 years ago and was priced at $500 and now the Nomad 2 is priced at $700 … about half the price of the full compressor. I've seen people who swear at their AV and some that curse at their AV … in the end it's your call.

Personally I like my SC and they are a couple of hundred bucks cheaper than they were last year from AoA

Doesn't matter what compressor you buy, you will still need a filter to get the dryest air possible. I have a hatsan light $1300 compressor and I still using a gold filter with dessiccant. As for filling big tank, of course it's not gonna fill a large tank cause it is only cool by a small fan. It's made to fill guns and that's what it does. It was never meant to fill tanks. If you want to fill tanks, get a full size compressor. As for having to bleed the compressor before restarting. I don't think you get the point of that they are saying. It's not that it's not powerful enough to open your valve at 1800 psi or above. It can fill up to 4500 psi so it's more than powerful. What they meant was, if you are filling a gun, there is pressure in the lines already. So if you stopped the compressor, you must bleed the line or the Piston will not be able to start up. This happen to all compressor. Even $1300 and up compressor you will need to bleed before you restart. On my hatsan lighting, I stopped the compressor and forgot to bleed. Try turning it on and it won't pump at all. I thought it broke. But then i remember I didn't bleed the line. l bleed the line and was able to start it back up. Once it start it will build pressure pass what your gun holds, then the valve will open to let air into the gun.