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Heh, I can't view. I guess GTA is a walled garden now for certain threads! I had an account several years ago, but I can't even remember which email alias I used 😢 


.257 pushing 195+FPE is my caliber of choice for long range airgun shooting  There are several bullet molds available and I am casting my own bullets.  It adds to the sport and is rewarding. The .257 is easy on air use compared to the larger calibers, and you can push bullets high into the subsonic speeds which helps the trajectory.



Loren, you're a marvelous craftsman!!! I followed your threads and enjoy watching your creations materialize!


the texan can shoot 1200 yards in .308 with a cold shot 350 moa and a adjustable mount and dialing to max and using reticle also for holdover , this is what I know can do it .

My biggest air gun is 257 caliber custom condor I run 73 gr at 990 fps




There was a BEAST of a Texan for sale in the classifieds.. I'm not going to say that the Air Force guns would be "cheating" or me to hit my goals, but man they put out some power and have serious potential. How long do the internals hold up to the abuse btw? Are there any common wear parts that you'd want to stock up on?


I mean "consistency" is all relative, depending on what you're after, but if .22 caliber and ~100 foot pounds is your huckleberry, the Huben K1 seems like the obvious choice. Huben has its detractors, however for the cost of a custom built Beaumont you could almost consider the 1.5K Huben an appetizer. 


I guess I've just been having thoughts somewhat along the same lines as you, and reached the conclusion that something .30 caliber or below would be the only way to get a reasonable shot count. Most of the existing small-bore platforms just don't have the go juice to really take advantage of heavy high BC slugs, and if they do they're at their very limits. A Huben meanwhile can easily and efficiently generate that kind of power, and having FINALLY seen what is inside and how they work (link they're really actually not that complicated or scary. So perhaps something worth considering, especially since quality slugs are now widely available from a number of different manufacturers. 


Just a thought. 

Those Hubens are pretty scary (in a good way) on the performance fence. I have to pass on them for personal reasons though. .257 seems to be a GREAT caliber, I need to figure something out soon since spring is finally here, and I have the need for speed already lol