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Hi SjIj,

I have both scopes and It is very hard for me to say which one I like better? They are both wonderful scopes! However, I really don't think you will get what you're looking for with parallax. I tried the PST on my Crown and it just would not come in well before 50.

I do have a suggestion though. Vortex just came out with one called the Diamondback tactical. They will focus down to 10 yards and the clarity for a scope in this price range is amazing. Also, Vortex has the best warranty in the industry. Other then theft or loss they fix or replace and they mean it, also they are transferable. I have been buying their scopes for about 12 years and I honestly believe that is what put them on the map.

I now have the Diamondbacks on my two airguns, a 10/22 and a 17wsm which are used for squirrels. I think they are perfect.

I hope this helps a little bit for you,