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Thanks for the input, and yes from what I understand the Marauder is about the best on the market, it would be better to try and find a used one in this situation, he's working with $4-$500 to buy his set up, which is why he went with the Gauntlet.

My issue with it is mainly that it seems to be a good gun for the price, you can jack it up to be really nice, but the fact that there are known issues that are completely ignored by the manufacturer for over a year is my complaint. I love my Flashpup, but in the same note, when I first got it I was pretty upset, it was the only thing in my price range that I could use at the moment, it was that or the Kral Puncher Breaker, which I am still looking at now. The PB was a bit out of my range at the time so I went with the Flashpup, it was a love/hate relationship when I first got it, absolutely loved the gun, power, accuracy, but the magazines were pure trash, wouldn't cycle right, messed up all your pellets when you loaded it with the mag, it made me miserable and I didn't want it if it wasn't a repeater. Hatsan immediately stepped up and bit the bullet, I'm sure it cost them to have to stop production and get rid of all the mags that were made, but they made new ones and sent them out to everyone who ordered the gun that asked, the new mags work flawlessly. On the other hand, Umarex has had a year, know about the problem, it's a potential hazard with the bottle and wobbly barrel, yet their response to the customers was to put out another one with the same problem and basically telling them to fix it themselves if they want it to work properly, ya know, it's a budget gun for only $300 so you have to make it work and fix the safety hazards yourself, and when you do it's out of their hands because it voids the warranty. Many seem to be perfectly ok with it, and start singing the same song they tell them to sing, "It's a budget gun, you know you're gonna have to work on it so don't complain", which is why they do it. Not cool in my opinion.