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I have the impact x. Nothing wrong with the gun. Get 55 ft lb from a 25 Cal. 78 full power shots before falls off reg. It's like buying any items, when you first got it you are so excited. But after a while you get tired of it and see something new and want that new item. Mk2 isn't out. They say maybe in April or May. So no one can do a comparison between the two yet. Nothing really different about the 2. Just larger valve tube, different gauge that should be more accurate, and larger mag that holds about 10 more shots. Beside that it's the same gun.

There are more differences. The MKII should have the amp reg, a larger valve, larger plenum, heavier hammer, side shot mag and the new gauges. The valve rod will most likely need an upgrade if the valve is much larger and capable of 170 bar reliably.

Upgrading will not be cheap an FX isn't exactly quick in bringing parts to market.