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I only have experience with Sightron-siii's and they are excellent. All of mine have been models that dial parallax down to 10yards though. Didn't realise the 6-24 was only from 40?

25 yards is fine, but I wouldn't put a scope with a minimum parallax of 40 yards on an airgun, so I'd go for the vortex in this situation (assuming this is actually for an airgun).

Yes. I forgot to tell, that i will use it in a air rifle. And the distances what i'm about to shoot is everythig between 10m / 11 yards to 100m / 110 yards…maybe little bit longer, but not very often.
Parallax is one thing what bothers me quite a lot in many scopes, which interests me just because they usually starts from 40-50 yards. It would be nice if parallax starts approx. from 10 or 15 yards or something like that.

I have heard that sometimes those yardage markings in parallax turret are not always true. But i don't want to take a risk with that. I believe that if it says like 40 yards, then it's 40 yards.

Reticle what i'm looking for is Mil-Dot or Mil-Hash style, but not messy weird christmas tree reticle. I don't need that kind of reticle for my purposes.