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In the last 10 years I have bagged 300 plus  tree squirrels in the woods from 10-80 plus yards. ( all of them consumed by me or my neighbors)   Most of them with a .22 PCP.   While I tried a few .25s in the past I never like any of them & did not choose to hunt with  them much.  Well, last year I got a Vulcan .25 cal & hunted exclusively with it this past squirrel season.  The thing I noticed right away was quicker kills.  So a few months ago I bought a .25 Streamline & intend to use it some next season some.  I will still use my .22 PCP rifles for hunting, but have convinced myself that the .25 performs a tad better for me.  Not saying that  when you pull the perfect shot a  .22 PCP  won't kill instantly with the nut still in mouth when you pick em up.  However  I do believe the .25 has the edge.  Also my Vulcan .25 groups better at 50 -80 yards than any of my .22s do.  Most of my .22s start losing some accuracy at 50.