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So this is coming from someone who owns the Crown in .30… I’d get the .25…good enough shot count, very forgiving compared to .22 in terms of shot placement and is MORE than enough power out to 100+ yards. From what I’ve seen most people don’t have a 100+ yard range in their back yard so .25 is a nice option cause it is very back yard friendly compared to the .30 and hits with authority. At the same time, the .25 pellets are much cheaper than the .30 and air consumption is reduced compared to the .30 Crown so you don’t have to go refilling a tank as much. Whatever you choose, shoot the piss out of it and enjoy!!! 


Full disclosure: my .30 Crown is never leaving my gun cabinet and is probably my favorite gun right now 😋. Wait till I get my hands on a 700mm .30 Crown barrel… my gun will double as a broomstick but man will it be awesome!