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I always shoot my rifles before cleaning and again after cleaning – to compare.. 
When you first shot yours, and mentioned bad groups,  I assumed that cleaning would help.. 
After all, there can be quite a bit of dirt / grime / oils inside..  You said you cleaned it, then tried again.. 
After cleaning, you'll notice two different types of accuracy usually..  
Fresh clean barrell accuracy,  and then the final accuracy – after the pellets 'lead in' the barrel..  
Sending a bunch of pellets through it will lead it in, and most always improve accuracy..  

When you said that wasn't the case,  I started thinking 'regulator'…  

Now..  Those of us who have the P15 version usually don't have much of a choice 
when it comes to returns – since we import them..  

But for You, since you got the Skyhawk version – I'm curious if you have a return option? 
That *might* be the best option – IF you ended up with a rifle with a sketchy barrel or regulator from the start..  

Things to double check..  On the barrel,  look at the breech [where the pellet goes in] 
Check the o-ring, check the metal condition around the hole..  Is it smooth / Is it really jagged looking? 
Then check for the same up front..  You'll have to remove the shroud – they just unscrew.. 
Look at the front of the barrel [the Crown] and see how that looks..  nice and smooth or not..  
That can and will make a difference..  

Now, the last thing is barrel 'consistency'…  

With the P15, one of the grips of some owners is the crap-shoot when it comes to barrels..  
Some are horrible, some are good, and some are great..  

They can have varying inner diameters – causing tight spots that'll disrupt the pellets, 
and definitely cause differences in pressure and fps – point of impacts too..   

If you got yours from Pyramid Air – Don't rule out calling and talking to them..  They're fantastic.. 
I had issues with my Kral Puncher Breaker, e-mailed them, and they went above and beyond..  

Anyways..  double check the things I mentioned if you haven't already, and keep in touch..  
One way or another we'll getcha' back on track!  

As far as aftermarket barrels and regulators go:  

Jefferson State Air Rifles:  Lother Walther – bottom of the page and next pages: 

HUMA Regs – I don't have a personal source for yet..  


Sam –