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I will share my two cents on the subject.
It has been my experience that there is always way too much lube inside these Belleville Washer (BWS from now on) assemblies.

As standard operating procedure on any BWS regulator that I tune, adjust or test, that I mop up and wipe down all the surfaces to rid them of the excessive silicone oil typically found in them. I use white paper towels and wipe all the parts down. When reassembling, I coat my fingers with a little silicone oil and as I assemble I simply rub across the contact surfaces. When complete, the BWS, well, shims, springs, and other internal parts have a very light film of lubricant on them.

When introducing pressure back to the regulator I use a 3 stage incremental pressure fill and release prior to introducing the regulator to anything above 1400PSI. I assemble the regulator being sure all parts are in the correct place. I fill the bottle to 300PSI and then bleed the pressure down to zero. I then fill the bottle to 700PSI and bleed it down to zero. The third time I fill to 1300PSI and bleed down.

At this point,I will fill the bottle slowly to 3000PSI and enjoy a much more stable pressure regulation profile.

Ok there they are