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Only a few years ago, we didn't have repeating pcp airguns, and .25 was seen as an unlikely hobbyist caliber.

Today, we have 9 mm, .357 caliber, and 50+ caliber airguns.  We have bolt-action, semi-automatic, full-automatic airguns, and pcp shotguns…

Let's be clear…given a multi-million dollar market…profit-driven industries will not stop bringing out more powerful airguns, until there is no further profitable market, or government intervention requires firearm type regulations for compressed air propelled weapons.  (vis a vis: State of Illinois: 700 fps/.177 caliber limit)

Do any of you believe a bureaucrat will see a difference between pcp's and firearms, when the end result is a deadly projectile impact with a human being?

Average air gun hobbyists have to organize, and give notice to air gun manufacturers who struggle to grab market share from the competition by making pcp's bigger, more powerful, more deadly, that our sport is endangered by their actions.

If we can now delineate the difference between the small caliber hobbyist, and the large caliber, ultimate-power enthusiasts, we might survive the inevitable changes coming.  A start is for responsible forum owners to move posting of information regarding large caliber air guns to a different forum!  This segregation may be our only defense when the government comes calling!


There it is…unload on me haters, everyone else…step up and express yourselves.  If we don't self-regulate, the government will most certainly do it for us!  


Kindly 'Ol Uncle 

heed what this message says folks…the airgun industry IS on track for heavy regulation.