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For some people money isn't a problem.  That's not me.

Some people are intimidated or not mechanically inclined to work on their guns.

Usually buying individual factory parts is a very expensive way of replacing/upgrading parts.  If you can sell a used Impact for $1600 and buy a new X for $1800, that's a $200 upgrade cost.  For some people it might not be worth the hassle and keeping track of spare parts.

Some people have to keep up with the Jones'.

Where can you get a new impact for $1800? I search and all I find is $2000 for the 600mm and $2050 for the 700mm. I guess people who don't want to work on their gun could sell it and buy a new one. The hard part is getting someone to buy it. Usually have to go really low to sell, and you are losing money imo. You could send in to fx and have them upgrade for a fee. I prefer just buying the parts and doing it myself. To op question, I guess people trying to sell their impact cause it wasn't what they thought it would be. Or maybe they wanted to sell to get money to buy a different gun. All I know is I wouldn't sell my impact. Bought it for $2000 and would not sell it for anything lower.