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Congrats on your new toy!  I just love my PP700, and I'm sure you will too! 
Great mod,  that's a quick efficient 'fix' for the oem stock wobble.. 
You'll have to keep us posted on how it works for you as time goes on..  
Just a heads up – Mine loosened up a bit the other day..  The scerws backed out a bit.. 
I had em' cranked in there too.  So, we may have to use a few dabs of Blue Loctite..  


Shipping – What a drag..  Donny is always lightning fast as far as shipping goes.. 
When I order, he has my label created immediately, ships ASAP that or the next day, 
and then a few days from FL to NY.

I usually love USPS, but as of late,  I've had a few issues with them too..  
I placed an Amazon 2 day prime order.. It should have been here today.. 
Nope.  Same deal..  I won't see them until' Monday. 
Check your tracking #.  My order has been sitting at the same place for a full day..  


Sam –