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Well, ok I understand a little better now.

imo, this is a simple snap action 3 wire spdt switch that is either on/off or off/on,,,  no/nc__1 power in terminal.

If it were mine,, would find the power wire with meter, and jump it to one of the other wires and see what happens, then jump it to the other and see what happens. This might show you the proper way to wire the switch… or if its not theswitch.


On a side note, would be interested to see if a simple constant power circuit is used in the nc position. As this would seem(depending on the complexity of circuit board design)to be a inefficient battery/power setup using power constantly in closed circuit loop and use a break in power to trigger the gun. Also might be more prone to problems.

But then again, I'm not familiar with electronic air rifles circuit boards at all, just have read advertisements stating 5000 shots between charges and holds a charge for months/years which I would not think is consistent with a simple nc circuit in this application… Would seem a lot more efficient and simple to use n/o and then trigger on close… Then otoh, British Leyland electronics comes to mind…lol