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Fair points.

Although I'd say for an airgunner the parallax adjustment is perfect. More of an issue for a centerfire shooters with the relatively coarse adjustment at further ranges. I've certainly never had any issue at least.

The clicks on the delta are slightly 'softer' than some scopes but they are in no way 'mushy' and they track absolutely perfectly – on my one at least.

Regarding the PM2 I think his main reason for disliking it is a few personal niggles such as low mag range tunneling, 'old' reticle design etc rather than it being a subpar scope or 'worse' than the delta. Essentially his preference is quite subjective on some levels.

I have no doubt you are gaining fractionally here and there with a Zeiss Victory or S&B. I will say I haven't been blown away by the difference when trying them out though. You're miles past the point of diminishing returns here anyway. Of course I haven't compared them side by side in a forest at dusk etc etc 😆

All in all I agree with Weatherby – take any review with a pinch of salt, but these scopes are exceptional by any metric.


Macros, I think we are on the same page :)

I use the Delta's on my 223 and 6.5×47, and for longer ranges, the parallax adjustment feels a bit coarse.

For airgun use, this isn't a big deal as the steps are wide enough at close ranges.

Clicks are very tactile, tracking is about perfect, and they are certainly good enough for all uses. But there is a difference with the feel of the hardened steel detents of the PM2. And ofcourse, there should be. Good tracking is more important to me than the feel of the clicks.

At some points, the Delta Indeed IS better than the PM2, especially the lack of tunneling at low magnifications, and a 6x vs a 5x mag. factor. The reticles of the Delta's are modern and very good.

The part were I think the high end Euro brands really shine is ease of view (eyebox) and FOV. 

The point is, with those high end brands you are gonna pay significantly more for relatively small gains compared to lower priced scopes like the Delta's. If it's worth it, that's up to the buyers to decide :)

I can totally imagine that you were not blown away with the differences between the high end scopes and the Delta, is certainly a very, VERY good scope.

Cheers, Gijs