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OK so let me be an outlier.  Gun control is a complex issue, mostly because gun control doesn't actually solve the problem.  The real problem is hate, anger, mental illness and the like.  Society wants a simple answer, so taking guns out of the equation seems to be the simplest answer and they debate the "gun" while never addressing the real problem, hate and mental illness.  

Last year, London, a city with virtually no gun crime, had a murder rate about equal to New York.  The weapon of choice was the knife.  The London Mayor attempted to stem the tide by barring mail order delivery of knives over something like 6 or 8 inches.  That obviously didn't work.  It did make it look like the mayor did something, but the problem remains.  

The gun is an inanimate object.  If you load a gun, lean it against the wall sufficiently supported so gravity won't pull it over and leave for a year or two, it'll still be leaning against the wall, loaded when you get back.  It doesn't become dangerous until an angry person picks it up and gets behind the trigger.  The same can be said for a knife, club, or any other weapon.  People are the problem, but your average person in society doesn't want to admit people are the problem, the problem is complex and requires lots and lots of effort to curb, blah blah blah.  You get the picture.  At that point, guns are the easy target.

Politicians without a decent platform love fear.  Every time there's a mass shooting, and we should all be respectful to the injured and killed this week, politicians stand and shout on the graves of the dead how evil the "Gun" is and that the simplest solution to the worlds ills is to remove the inanimate object that causes so much pain.

There is no simple solution and as the masses become less educated, more reliant on the government dole, less willing to take responsibility and more demanding of a perfectly safe world, the pressure on guns will increase.  

We can slow the tide by setting examples, educating our neighbors and such, but it takes evangelism and time out of our busy schedules.  No one is going to magically save us, we must do this ourselves.