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Well, guys and gals, the baby is carefully cradled in my arms. I can’t believe I own an FX, I own a Wildcat, it is the latest and the greatest, its only two weeks old, it’s a 30 cal, and most importantly I’m never gonna forget this dumb and dumber road trip(I’m Jim Carey, and me answering back to my questions is Jeff Daniels). All big thanks and praises go to my awesome wife of 32 years, who deserves a mate much better than I (just sayin’). She’s not only fine, but she’s a best friend, whose had my back thru all the back surgery BS I put her thru. Just to give you an idea how tough she is, she’s jack hammered a 4’ wide x 30 concrete walkway, at 5’2” 125, and been by my side 100% when I got in a major accident at work that was gonna out me as twins with Christopher Reeves- paralyzed from neck down. But I pulled out from that, and 7 surgeries later she’s still at my side. She has set up all my hotel stays at pretty decent places, and took the time to call the hotel management to make sure I had easy access(this snow in the parking lots suck, btw). 


Anyway, I had dinner with the seller. I input him on my phone as Wildcat Bill, but here on AGN He goes by BANJOANDME. Great guy. I couldn’t ask for a better guy to buy a slightly used FX from. He made sure the warranty was transferable to me, and provided not only all the “stuff” that came with the gun, but insight on how it shoots and what it likes. He even let me shoot his Impact!!!! 


So, I’m beat, and looking forward to trashing these bed sheets. But for now, after Day 2 of my road trip, I’m having some medications in form of a pedrone shot and some in house dark beer. I’ll be sending you some pics of the gun, out of it’s case, in bed with me😲😲😳