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For your Thomas, I believe Mike has designed it to work best with the 13.4 gr JSB Monsters for the 20 foot pound class. Mine will shoot the 10.3 grain fairly well but not near as good as the 13.4 gr.

I was also given a separate jet to use if I wanted to try the 12 foot pound class, but have never tried it. I believe he recommends the 8.4 gr JSB's when using the 12 ft pound jet.

Are you needing an assortment for another gun?

That being said Straight Shooters has a nice pellet sampler

Pyramyd Air has some sampler packs as well.;NB:1&saSearch

Also….I bought a couple of sleeves of the 13.4 gr Monsters from Mike when I bought my Thomas at a pretty decent price.

Back when I was shooting FT, most of the guys in our club shot JSB or Air Arms pellets. I couldn't tell much difference in the JSB & Air Arms 10.3gr pellets back when I was shooting them in my Marauder , or Air Arms S500, or my Cricket? Seems JSB would always win out in my mind anyway?

A lot of the old timers would stick with the brown box crosman pellets too? Of course they had a healthy cleaning and sorting regimen 😉

I never had any luck with the Crosman pellets until just recently with my .22 cal. Daystate Wolverine.

Regards Jimmy