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Pewpew, I fill mine to 200 Bar with foster fill. I would recommend a 4500 psi SCBA bottle.

I get over 100 shots per fill, but I have the long barrel 23.75" with longer air tube.

How many PSI or BAR can the Thomas cylinder take?  I’m told it does not have a manometer, so how do you avoid overfilling it?

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Yes, the Thomas cylinder can take 3300 psi as Mike has stated, and probably more but I wouldn't chance it. I'd stick with 3000 psi or 200 Bar which is 2900 psi.

I just use the gauges on my fill assy on my SCBA tank when filling my Thomas. Mine only have the one gauge but I use a quick disconnect test plug to check the pressure inside of my tank.

" Air Venturi quick disconnect test plug

 a handy way to plug the female quick-disconnect on your tanks fill hose to check the pressure inside of tanks that do not have an internal pressure gauge by blocking the airflow to allow the use of an in-line gauge. 

the test plug in the standard quick disconnect coupling at the end of the pump hose to test your pump. The plug blocks airflow, providing a contained circuit to test. "


Joe Brancato has a really good video explaining different tanks and fill systems.



Hope this helps bud.