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Glem, I think I changed my text while you were responding, but I read the previous discussion from December and get the general idea. I wonder if I might be happier with 50fpe and a larger shot count in .22. My head spins with all the possibilities and I have been a little hesitant to jump in. I have a Boss, and my main reason for selecting .30 was to get a good impact reading on near misses in the field with that big 44.75 grain pellet. Thanks for sharing your experiences with everyone.

I see that now,  i was able to get about 45 with the royale 500 in .22 and just over 60fpe in .25 for comparision.

Boss has bigger ports from the valve to transfer port, bigger valvepin and bigger port from plenum to valve chamber.  Its noticeable,  both guns can be tuned however youd like.  50fpe with 50 shots would be doable with the Boss in .22.