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One thing to remember is the scope magnification only works on one setting to produce a true mildot size measurement i.e 10x / 20x magnification this is not a problem though as the relationship with magnification and mildot change i.e 6x or 8x the range holdover change as its a different ratio.

The target should be ranged on the magnification the mildots are a true measurement using the parallex adjuster to gain focus , then shoot the target on the magnification the dope chart has been set up to . And the mildot is true to that magnification and the chart .

On Chairgun using the scope cap viewing , put in your details and you get a ballistic table then using the mag settting you can see the relationship change as you watch the recticle size change .

Basically remember to shoot on the mag that you have set your chart / recticle up to , you can get smart later …………….

Very true…unless you are using a FFP scope, which I prefer.