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Still 18gn vs 26gn slugs is Bullying! jajaja ;)

The 18gr pellet does very well.  No doubt they chose the best of each for their comparison.  If I was to do a Pellet vs Slug comp, I'd pick the 18gr pellet and 24gr slug for my setup, as both do great in my Crown.

I also think the 18gr pellet was a good one to compare with as that is probably the most common "heavy" pellet people are using in their 22 caliber rifles.

And it's not as much the weight differential as it is the BC and design of each projectile.  Weight being equal, the slug will still outperform the pellet due to shape alone.

Shooting slugs in FX rifles is new ground, everyone knows that.  I don't think the video is trying to say anything other than "look how well they perform in high winds".  So well in fact that you can only dream of hitting a pigeon at 100 yds with a pellet under those conditions, where you can hit them repeatedly with slugs with confidence.

Having had excellent results with the Crown shooting slugs, I will say that I don't even want to load pellets into it anymore.  The only time I would do that is if I need to shoot inside a building, or if I had a high volume situation at close to mid range.

As with anything else in this sport/hobby that can offer performance gains, these videos simply and clearly show the benefits of shooting slugs. 

I don't have an Impact X with 700mm slug barrel, but the Crown is no slouch by any stretch.  With my videos, all I try to show is how successful you can be with the Slug-X liner if you want to shoot pest birds at long range.

I don't think the Air Hunters are trying to do any different.