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Congratulations on your new gun and fun. Is that you 1st pic on the right?

It’s all the crew of JSAR. Matt to the left and Travis to the right, and the solo pic is of the owner Jacob. I missed taking the pic of the other Matt, because apparently he’s all about business. I watched him, and he looked like he really was into his work, and enjoying it. Nothing wrong with that, I actually like that in a person. When I was running crews back in the day that’s what I looked for when putting together man power crews, people that don’t get distracted easily and stay focused at task at hand.

Its 9:00am as I’m typing this, and I’m just getting up from bed, lol. I’ll be on the road for four hours on my way to the seller. I’ll try and do a couple of selfie pics with the WC in hand, lol. The seller just bought an Impact, so I’ll take a pic of him with his gun, too!

You all know what I feel like? Remember that scene in Dumb and Dumber, when Jim Cary and his buddy were on the road to the Colorado Rockies in that van, and his buddy says “we’re really doing it, man!” Yeah, that’s me this weekend, lol