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Yes, but lets not confuse original smooth twist with what fx is promoting now which is a “Rifled Liner” called smooth twist-X, now I may be wrong but the two look completely different to my un-educated eyes? Spray1, it’s all relative now because for FX or even Daystate is it the most critical part?


How about we look at it from this point of view nomojo, the original smooth twist marketing was that only a short portion of rifling would give us better accuraccy.

A 180 degree turn now tells us that full length rifling is better!

In my eyes (as a fully trained machinist and engineer) is that the STX is nothing more than the same process applied to the whole length of the barrel, or liner, or whichever you want to call it this week, the rifling form may be slightly different and undoubtedly FX have worked to develop this but the principle is the same, squeeze a thin internally polished tube which you pay $10 for from the outside and hey presto you have a barrel.

It is the genius that is FX, high volume, high margin processes enabling you to make guns very quickly, nothing wrong with that of course.

Anyways back to the ART barrel, hopefully we will have a date set shortly for next week to do some further testing and keep all you guys informed of the results which I am sure you are anxious to hear.