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The Monster Redesigned is completely unstable beyond 70 meters.  Watch our previous video to see those results. The spiral completely out of control. 

With what liner? (not sure but you did that test with the slug liner?, or a pellet liner?) you use the optimal liner for the slugs, there is an optimal liner too for the Monster, if I recall correct Claudio Flores won the EBR with those pellets (not on FX tho) and with a lot of wind one day @950 – 970 fps, so they do are good over 70 mt with the correct liner. I have test them myself over 100 meters with good results too with the a liner and shooting @ 930 fps.  (not in that wind)

PLEASE! Do not get me wrong, I say it in another post, and I say it again…you make the job DONE! and is what matters at the end, the perfectionist inside me try always see if there is a better way, that´s all! ;)