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As usual, great video. Like someone say before, you are becoming a must watch channel on youtube for "airheads" like us ;) so thanks for taking the time to do all this videos!

You make me clear than in SA can´t go over 0.22!, thanks for that, I did not know (but I was thinking about it), since with the impact setting that you are shooting 0.22 cal 26gn slugs, you can shoot much eficient on 0.25 or 0.30 cal

As for the comparative, there is no doubt that slugs having better BC, will perform better in the wind, that is for sure, but comparing 18gn pellet with a 26gn slug? come on! is like compare a Fiat with a F1 ! or a Sparrow with an Eagle … jaja 


A good comparative (IMO of course, meaning I could be wrong) will be a 23gn slug on a 700mm slug liner, with a redesigned 25.4 gn monster on a 700mm pellet liner ,both at same speed (930 fps), considering the pellet has more drag (the extra weight should balance if shooting at the right speed), should be a fair to compare those 2 (if I recall correct you have had try the monsters already but with the slug liner? I don't remember .. ) or even the BEAST pellets (34gn vs the 26gn slug) if you can shoot them at the right speed.

The follow is a general comment, not for you direct: I would like to see also (not from you I do not want you to make illegal stuff! ;) )  comparatives in different calibers, to compare accuracy, efficiency and total cost (On the Impact). I am doing it, but I am a "CERO @ left" with video recording ;) (but posting results in AGN as I found them)