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Just wondering if anyone experience the frustration I am going thru waiting for an email response from Side Shot about the availability of the Side Shot for GoPro 7 without the camera.

Yes, I am.  I can't stand it when a company won't allow a customer to call and talk with them.  To me personally, a phone number is a HUGE part of customer service.  They apparently don't have a business phone number.  I even called Utah Airguns, and they claimed to only have personal cell numbers for them, and understandably would not give them out.  I did get the guy from UA to take my number and he said he would pass it to the guys at side-shot and ask them to call me.  It's one thing when you don't give out a phone number, but if you're going to run your business that way, at least make darn sure you keep up on the "CONTACT US" contacts you get through your website!

I am trying to get a definitive answer as to whether the Back-Bone HS7PRO modified HERO7 GoPro camera they use in their GoPro Side-Shot Scope Cam System can be taken from their scope cam system and placed into a new HERO7 waterproof housing to be used for diving purposes.  I would buy one of these expensive systems IF the camera can go from the Side-Shot to an underwater housing for diving use as well as scope cam use, but I have to know for sure as I don't want to get stuck with that bill and find out it doesn't fit in a housing as I receive it.