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I would like to keep a supply on hand for the rifles I have I’m having difficulty in getting a list or diagram for the airguns I have. I know where to buy them I just dont know what to order. What I’m looking for is diagrams and parts list that includes the orings.

The rifles I’m need oring info on are:

Daystate RedWolf 25 caliber HP, FX impact I have 30 cal and 25 cal barrels, FX Crown 25 caliber, Edgun Leshiy, Edgun R3M Huma Magnum 25 caliber, Raw Hm1000x LRT 25 caliber, Marauder 25 caliber, Hatsan Gladius long 22 caliber, Wiehrauch HW 97KT, Weihrauch HW44,

any info on the above guns will be appreciated.


Dang Brian, You got all the toys!😲