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Yes you must have range finder if you do not hunt over predetermined kill zone. Mostly I remove night animals with food plots so I know range but sometimes things happen in fields while scanning  and if a target presents itself I can never judge yardage at night.  I say you must have it or this will happen to you. As for dark ops spectrum if you are down range and glance back the unit is dark but the tradeoff is the target area is not as bright as my other earlier model wolf but acceptable. Down range looking back with old model you would see three devils eyes bright as can be. I feel the animals see it, the coons  don't stand on there hind legs and look at me much if any, I used to think they smelled me or just my camo wasn't up to par.  Other than those little quirks I love it and use night site equipment regularly.  It opens up a whole new type of hunting at night. It is peaceful and relaxing sitting on my modified stable table in back of pickup. I use a boat Bimini top mounted to my bed and Camo hanging over easy set-up comfortable stable table has a large lawn mower seat mounted. Enjoy your new equipment.