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I own a 2016 Airwolf MCT in .22. In almost 3 years I have never had a problem with the gun… all I do is charge is every so often and the thing keeps right on chugging. 

As far as reliability, I have taken my Airwolf out in Northeast snow storms and and the electronics haven’t failed me once. Now I’m not recommending to dunk it in the bathtub but overall the electronics don’t concern me one bit.

I have to say the BEST part of owning an electronic gun is the trigger…. WOW! The trigger is literally a mouse click and honestly one of the best triggers I’ve ever pulled… simply unreal. If you ever get a chance to try it… DO IT! I own a Crown .30 and a Royale .25 and I wouldn’t want to have to pick as to which trigger is the best… it’s honestly that close.

Overall, the Airwolf is NEVER leaving my closet. 

When the Airwolf first came out it was shot underwater inside a swimming pool by one of the UK airgun journalists.