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Stuff happens. Can't control shipping. I used to work for fedFex. When the semi rolls into the warehouse. We have to unload them and send them into the small truck to be delivered. We jump in the trailer, grab the boxes and start throwing them into the conveyor belt. We are time how many packages get through per hour. If we aren't fast enough, we get warning from the manager to speed it up. So can't just nicely and softly put each package onto the belt. Have to do it fast. So some items will get damage. Also some items stack in the trailer will fall down during shipping or when we go to grab nearby items, others will fall and hit the ground. We aren't allow to catch them cause they are heavy and can't hurt us. We jump out of the way and let them drop to the ground. It's just how things go. I ordered some jsb 25 cal from airgun Depot. 3 of them had no sign of damage. One had a dent on the tan. Inside, maybe 50 or so have damage skirts, but rest seem ok