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Do you also set out targets at different ranges Bob, when making such tape? Or do u use strelok and and start clicking and marking according to those calculations?


I'm going to make a video on this soon. You only need to do this once.

What I do is, after zeroing the rifle at 30yds, put a target at 100yds.  Have Strelok calculate the hold over (or amount of clicks if you dial), and shoot the 100yd target.  

Let's say Strelok told me I needed to use 4 mils elevation but in actuality I only needed 3.2 mils.  So you go into the trajectory validation tab of Strelok and enter the amount of actual elevation. 

Being I know my actual velocity from the Chronograph, I'll choose for Strelok to adjust the BC.  When you click calculate, Strelok will give you a new BC based upon the actual amount of elevation used.

When you choose to use the new BC, Strelok will have adjusted the tables and you can then use those values to make your turret tape.

This simple method works perfectly for me.  For instance, I range a bird at 50yds.  I dial the turret to 50 and put crosshairs on it and down he goes.  Then I range a bird at 130yds, dial the turret to 130 and put crosshairs on it and down he goes.

When I go out on a different day and let's say there's a 20 degree temperature difference.   I'll update the weather in Strelok and then bring up the table and make new tape…..takes 10 minutes.