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I have shot a lot of 200 lb varmits 2 legged and four legged with the 38 bore, I would rather use slugs, for that and being on a budget the Bulldog can’t be beat. Having said that man the FX is an attractive gun, but I see Bulldog shooters approach an inch  at 100 yards with slugs on the GTA.  However, for long range the diablo projectile will always work against you with its built in drag, which slugs do not have, but for pesting on birds and rodents, I would think it would do well, But not if my life was on the line.


After 51 elk I would not hesitate to take # 52 if I was hungry enough with a Bulldog and either shafts or the 358429, but never with a pellet gun, something that beautiful little FX shooting pellets will never do, for me the Bulldog is far more versatile, it shoots as hard as my old service revolver did and shoots pellets reasonably well.