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Ok guys her goes my heliboard  experience. First of all dealing with Jack is a pleasure his responses are quick and he seems truly interested in what other people are doing. My board came just as described and installation was easy other than it's a very tight squeeze for my big fat fingers. I have an Airwolf extreme so it has the longer Barrel and Jack was very interested in what I was going to be able to achieve. With my stock board maximum velocity for JSP heavy King 33.95 pellets was 764 feet per second. by the way all of my measurements are done with my new lab radar chronograph. With the new board installed the same King Heavies on level 12 do 879 feet per second ,level 11 they do 772, on level 10 they do 742 , on level 9 they do 707, and I level 8 they do 658. needless to say I'm thrilled I haven't done any serious testing of shot strings this was just 5 shot groups to get average velocities and believe me the five shot groups are so close and standard deviation I'm sure even a 20 or 30 shot string isn't going to change the average very much. I did also run JSP regular Kings 25.39 at level 12 and they shot 954 feet per second. I will keep you informed after I do some string testing but so far I love it. Tim