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Keyman…lead is lead is lead!

A pellet and a slug, of identical weight, will both perform clean kills at air gun distances.  There's nothing magic about slugs, as least as far as I can find.  If you strike an animal with identical weights of lead, at any distance, the impact in foot pounds of energy will be the same.  Unlike high speed rifle slugs, with boat-tail designs, jacketed, soft point, or hollow point tips, striking at very high speeds…it just doesn't work like that with air guns!

I'm sure some readers are spitting their coffee all over their monitors right now…but I've never seen a difference in how dead a critter was when hit by the same weight projectile, be it a slug or an identical weight domed or hollow point pellet.  

There are some interesting "tipped" and new hollow point pellets designs out today…worth trying, cheaper than slugs, but still just another tool in the ammo box!


Kindly 'Ol Uncle 


"…don't you believe a word that sumbench says…I know for a fact he shoots slugs too…and enjoys it!"

Seems hitting the target may be a big part of the issue here.