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Clearance looks to be an 1/8th at breech end. About a 1/16th at muzzle. Positive it’s from the weight of the DonnyFL on the end. Not thrilled they fixed it in place but a heat gun will fix that. Pretty sure I can get by with a Tanto or a Tatsu to lighten it up a tad.

I had some more time yesterday to shoot the rifle. Cleaned the barrel as well. Got around to using the adjustment dials also. Found another small gripe…the power wheel audible clicks do not match up to the numbers. Going from MAX down to MIN it seems to skip 4 and goes straight to 3. Then it clicks into place between 1 and MIN. Basically, I have to count the clicks between max and min as the numbers are not aligned. Small gripe but again, for the money…I also noticed no changes in velocity when switching between .177/.22 and .25/30. Saw definite change when switched to low. Seems a bit odd to me but it very well could be as intended.

I played with the reg adjustment as well. The rifle came to me set right on at 100 (according to the manometer). So I wasn’t overly concerned with not being able to return it to the original state. It came to me shooting 10.34’s at 890. I’m very interested in getting the 13’s shooting well, so I figured let’s just see what this new AMP reg is about. The first few micro turns got me to what I would say is 110 bar on the manometer. Saw no real change in velocity of the 4 pellets I shot. I proceeded to adjust it again. Going counter clockwise a tad more saw no change in reg pressure on the manometer. Thought that was odd. A little bit more and still no visual change.  Fired a few more pellets and no changes in velocity either. I decided to stop at this point and returned it back to the original 100bar. I must say I am very happy being able to make all adjustment without needing to drain the cylinder. I hated that bit on my Impact. This feature performed as designed. I will continue breaking it in, and plan to run a few tins through it this weekend. Afterwards, I’m going to revisit increasing the reg pressure and I will remove the slop from the power wheel adjustment screw and see if I can get the 13’s shooting decently.  Side note, on LOW, and power set to MIN, I get a hair over 9 ft-lb with JSB 7.87’s. I had a really good time plinking at this setting. It is extremely accurate out to 37meters at this power.