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This thread seems bizarre to me. The gist of it is that we need to lobby the airgun industry to stop increasing the performance of airguns. In other words, avoid the regulation of airguns by regulating airguns. How contradictory of an attitude is that?

It sounds more like to me that a subset of low powered airgunners don't like a subset of more powerful airguns, sort of like how traditional archers might not like modern compound bows and want to limit their use. 

The kind of government regulator that wants to take your guns away is going to do it whether you have 20fpe airguns or 500fpe airguns. Ask UK airgunners about it. The simple solution is to move away from jurisdictions ran by such people and move to places with free gun laws, or alternatively fight within your jurisdictions to make your jurisdiction gun friendly. The solution is NOT to de-evolve airguns in the hopes they won't get noticed. 

Look, we all see the rampant commercialism woven within the airgun community. Its a double edged sword. It was the airgun industry working behind the scenes that went a long way into getting airgun hunting approved in Florida. And that is nothing but a good thing. The commercialism backfires when we start eating our own in order to eliminate the competition. We all know that happens too. It was strongly rumored that in the Texas fiasco where the hog hunters brought up the BS allegations to try to derail airgun hunting there, there was also a member of the industry also quietly supporting drastically higher airgun requirements by whispering in the commissioner's ears so as to eliminate competition and only have their own airguns eligible (and no it wasn't Airforce). Unfortunately that kind of crap does happen, and don't kid yourself about it or even about how various posts on forums about how this airgun is awesome and that one sucks. Some percentage of such posts are nothing but industry reps attacking the competition. Standard practice in any enterprise in this day and age of social media.

But in large, where there's money, there's power, and power protects itself. And wherethe airgun industry is going to protect itself for its own gain, we all will gain to the extent that a lot of money can and will be spread around to protect air gunning when possible. Dividing us into different subsets of airgunners for an "us vs. them" attitude isn't healthy at all.