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Nick Nielsen can get a Bulldog shooting at that level of precision. I doubt the majority of us can. Very impressive though. 

I like the idea of shooting an 81.02gr JSB at 140 FPE. Switching to .22 and shooting the 25.39 RD Monsters at 60 FPE. Throwing on the .25 barrel & probe and shooting the 33.95 grainers at 70 FPE. What the hell, let’s now shoot the 44.75 grain .30 JSBs at 90 FPE. Of course someone will blast negativity towards it but for me, that dog will hunt baby! Again, I don't have an Impact yet but the MK2 is coming into this family soon. 

I’m a pellet shooter myself. I like my suppressed Tikka T1X or Ruger 10/22 for chunking small bore slugs. 

you're right and i agree on most of your advice, the real problem is that they do not finish what they start.