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When I first heard about it I was excited and right away started looking at where to buy it. Once I seen the inner workings and seen how the pellet just falls out I lost interest real fast. I do like thats its not made of plastic however. To me it just looks like a more or less copy of what others are already doing by modifying an airgun magazine for much less. When I first heard about it I thought that there would be a truly unique design. I mean I could go out into my garage and make one of these if I wanted. Just my opinion but I feel they really dropped the ball on this.    

I think your expectations for dispensing a pellet might be a little high.  You want some over engineered spring mechanism to gently hand it to you or something? This is fully CNC'd, 2 piece construction using a strong magnet to keep it together.  The installation is about as clean you can get, and it's 1/3 of the size of anything you can do in 3D printing.

If you have this machine in your garage to make this… have at it.  I suspect your referencing a 3D printed option.  Yes, there are those, I've owned them.  I'm not putting a cheap hockey puck on the side of my $1,400 gun to save $30.  Nobody dropped the ball on this IMO… it's perfect.  why can I say this… I actually have one in hand for months, and I've owned multiple 3D printed versions (all damaged the pellet and were an eye sore).  It just works, doesn't distract from the gun, and like the gun… you could role your car over it.  I think the folks who buy it will not be disappointed