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I have the Vulcan 1, so not exactly apples for Apple's. I'm getting 90-95 shots per fill shooting the JSB 16gr at 880fps.

Does the V2 have a smaller air tube?


Oh my. Thats a lot of shots. Just wondering if you are also shooting it after it drops off the regulator. I dont think that the .177 vulcan has a shot count that good on the reg. My .25 only gets a bit over 30 shots before dropping off the reg. It also shoots 25 grain JSBs at 930fps and the 33 grains at 840fps.

Mine drops off the reg right about 88 shots. I can get 95 before velocity starts to drop, but I usually just stop after my last magazine (7).

I fill mine to 250bar. I haven't touched the reg setting, nor have i done any mods to the internals.

The only changes I made, we're to have Donny FL make me a 3" extension (not a moderator) simply because I wanted a little longer look for my eyes. A magazine holder, white line buttpad spacer, and added checkering to the grip.